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About Us

Working in collaboration with Capricorn Travel, 7 Continents Travel is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) registered at (reg. No. 5224578/ VAT reg. no. 852058431). We, at 7 Continents Travel, have been serving the United States since many years and are destined to offer the best of travel and tour experiences to our customers and aide them through all the procedures that follow.
As one of the most active members of IATA, 7 Continents Travel leads unparalleled tours through it flights equipped with the very best of luxury services on board as well as cheap travel insurance. Affordability and efficiency have always been our agenda though and despite bringing the best of the services from travel world to our database, we have always taken great care of our customers' valued money. As far as our tours are concerned, all the terms and conditions have been set well in accordance with those of IATA and can be checked out on its website.

You can reserve with us for your next flight to anywhere in the United States telephonically or through our website. We will reconfirm you the details and issue the ticket taking up to 48 hours in case of normal tickets and no more than half an hour in case of e-tickets, unleashing you all prepared for your dream trip to the States.